Santa falls in love and it’s super sweet

Santas Secret coverSanta’s Secrets by K.C. Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That was super sweet with a really lovely sharpness which stopped it becoming overly sentimental or cloying.

Inspired by last year’s Christmas advert for the Norwegian Post Office When Harry Met Santa, which celebrated that 2022 marked 50 years since the country removed its illegality laws on homosexuality and which you can watch herePosten Norge – this book follows Anthony from an 11-year-old through to his early 50s.

When he first meets Santa, it’s completely by accident and their first few years of exchanges are simple and sweet, catching up on the things which have happened in Anthony’s life, including the AIDS crisis.

But things slowly change and it becomes increasingly obvious there’s not just a friendship here, but something that could be close to love. But how do you tell Santa you might be in love with him?

By interweaving a number of Santa origin stories alongside the Christian tradition of Saint Nicholas, K.C. Wells takes the reader on a sentimental and heartfelt journey as two men make the most of just one day a year.

With enough of an edge to prevent it turning into total schmaltz, this is a lovely festive read.

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