What a gorgeous sexual awakening romance from Saxon

budding attraction coverBudding Attraction by Saxon James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh this was just wonderful, it’s a true exploration of how you think you know yourself but then someone comes along who knocks you off balance and you find that maybe there’s more than you ever expected.

Orson has been through a lot. He found his love but then his wife died suddenly, he hit the rails and eventually, thanks to the efforts of his friend Art, found himself back in his previous hometown. Given this second chance, he opens up a florists and has been muddling along when his path crosses with Ford’s.

There’s something there from the start but Orson’s straight…

However, the more time the two men spend together, the more Orson finds himself craving Ford’s company and wanting to find out more about him, he’s feeling all sorts of feels and not sure exactly what that might mean.

What I loved the best about this latest from Saxon is that these two men don’t mess about, they talk, constantly, about their feelings, about how Orson doesn’t quite understand this new attraction to Ford but how he’s not willing to throw it away by not exploring.

And ooooh boy do they explore! The sexual awakening and exploration scenes in this are not only seriously smoking, they’re filled with an incredible tenderness as Ford lets Orson set the pace and push his own boundaries.

They’re mature men, having discussions and conversations, there’s not a jot of unnecessary drama caused by miscommunication.

Even the one niggly moment at the 80% odd mark isn’t dramady for the sake of it, it comes directly from the narrative and has a very satisfying outcome which gives the reader another insight into how perfect both men are for each other.

There’s the usual dry humour that’s been a hallmark so far from the Divorced Men’s Club books, the rest of the gang is on hand to dish out totally unhelpful advice and take the mickey out of both men and the small town setting is explored a bit more in this one.

With potential new set ups being introduced in this book, as well as the Art/Joey pairing I am DYING for, this series from Saxon is shaping up to be an absolute cracker.

#ARC kindly received from the author via Foreward PR. I voluntarily reviewed this book.

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