A triumphant second entry in this ghostly romance mystery series

62685184._SY475_Dead Serious Case #2 Mrs Delores Abernathy by Vawn Cassidy

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the first book in this series but I absolutely LOVED this one!

Tris and Danny are now completely in love with each other, things are going along nicely, with just little hiccups along the way as they deal with whether or not they’re rushing into things having said the I love yous and spending nearly all their available time together.

The wonderful Dusty, of Drag Queen murder fame in book one, is now back as Tris’ spirit guide and she’s as outrageously fabulous as ever and on hand to help when something a little bit odd happens at the care home where Martin, Tris’ father, is being looked after.

With another murder to investigate, another sweet little old lady ghost hanging round with unfinished business, and the occasional accidental spiritual displacement to deal with, this book romps along at a cracking pace without ever feeling like the story is being rushed.

There were so many moments I was chuckling like a hyena to myself, others I got a wee bit teary as the narrative pulls on all the heart strings at times, and ultimately I was cheering my head off as the gang all comes together to try and work out what’s gone on.

Even the ginormous! (not quite cliff hanger-y) type big reveal at the end could spoil my enjoyment of this book.

It’s not really a cliffhanger as such, this story is all wrapped up by the end, but it’s a big massive lead in to what’s going to go down in Book Three and that cannot come soon enough.

Loved it. Also intrigued by two new characters we’re introduced to in this book who I won’t reveal.

PS: This would make an utterly fabulous TV show!

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