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Headshot | JP Sayle

Model Love #3


Release Date: September 27th, 2022

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Can Jack save his home and win the man who’s claimed his heart?

Early in life Jack Storey learns a very hard life lesson from those who should love him. In a place of utter despair he meets a man who changes his life… forever. Encouraged to express himself and fulfil all his dreams, Jack grabs at life with both hands to prove to himself he’s worthy of love. The one thing that remains elusive because he’s already given his heart to Kit.

Then Garfield, the house Kit runs and Jack calls home, is put under threat. With time running out to stop the residents from becoming homeless, Jack asks his modelling friends to help save Garfield.
Kit is about to find out just how hard Jack will work and fight for those he loves.

Headshot is a sixty-thousand word contemporary MM novel featuring friends to lovers, age-gap, hurt comfort, and a sassy model with kick arse style. It’s part of the Model Love multi-author series. Each book can be read as a standalone, in any order, but there are so many models falling in love, why not read them all?

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There was a cracked laugh that quickly turned into a sob, that one eye holding the misery of the world. “Not as scary as having everything you own taken from you because you like to wear make-up and are interested in… boys.”

The next sob was louder and Kit gently nudged the boy with his shoulder, working on keeping things friendly while trying to offer the support the boy clearly needed.

“Come with me, I promise that we’ll work to figure it out. Though it feels like there might be nothing worth living for, I swear there is if you’ll just let me help you find it.” He held out his hand to the boy, noticing it shook with the nerves wanting to take hold. Breathing deep, he smiled gently. “I’m Kit.”

Seconds dragged past, but Kit didn’t rush the boy as he eyed his hand with suspicion. When he finally let go of the packets and they dropped into his lap, Kit breathed easier for the first time since coming across the boy.

“I’m Jack.” The hand that slipped into Kit’s was small and freezing. It held Kit’s with surprising force. “Please don’t hurt me,” he begged, the one eye pinning him in place and capturing a part of his heart with his bravery.

“Never Jack. I’ll never hurt you.”

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About the Author


What can I say about JP, she is an eccentric, who is a cake lover with a passion for words of all kinds. She answers to Jayne or JP. She has a wandering heart, a love of the sea and travelling to different places. Some of the places she’s been, can be found in her world of books all you need to do is open the pages.

JP started writing in 2017 and published her first book in 2018 since then she’s published over fifty romance books from contemporary to paranormal, and she can’t see herself stopping any time soon. In 2022 she started co-authoring with the wonderful Lisa Oliver and went back to her first love, paranormal romance.

Linktree: Author_JP


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