You’ll need a cold shower as Franklin and Jack burn up the pages

61624833Hostile Takeover by Cara Dee

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This is definitely one of my favourites in this series, it’s an absolutely perfect mix of salacious filth and feelings.

Franklin was last seen finding his feet in the kink world back in Kingsley and Tate’s book Out of the Ashes and he definitely didn’t get a good reception from some readers.

Personally I really felt for him as he was completely lost after he’d come out and started to explore his kinks.

Here though, it’s absolutely his time to shine and oh my gawd is it hot. There’s a sense of taboo, although it’s not actually, in his relationship with Jack, his ex-wife’s nephew and I was absolutely here for it.

Jack, well let’s just say he ticks loads of boxes and pushes loads of Franklin’s buttons (and mine it seems too 😋 ) and he’s had a crush on his Unc since he was a teenager and realised he was gay.

The age gap is 15 years, so not overly big, and Jack’s definitely got his Dom head on in a multitude of kinky ways. Expect to find voyeurism, exhibitionism, some mild-ish humiliation kink, sharing, (consensual) cuckolding and cheating (and OMG that scene is fire!) edging, sexual denial and switching.

Cara has created a narrative here that manages to entice the senses while never pushing it over into porn without plot.

There’s lots of feelings being dealt with as Franklin realises he can have the life he’s been repressing and hiding for decades, there’s the ongoing refurbishment of House Mclean after the fire, there’s appearances from new characters that I’m intrigued by, and there’s Franklin’s lovely daughter Lily, who is a delight.

This was another great addition to a series which has, in the main, constantly delivered in every outing. It also has one of my favourite cover models on it too so that’s another bonus!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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