A lovely addition to the In Vino Veritas series

CounterpointBirk_ebookCounterpoint by J.E. Birk

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This book is essentially a companion piece to J.E. Birk’s previous Booklover as it follows along with Jamie’s brother Aaron and best friend Jeremy but it will work as a standalone.

I liked this book, I found it to be a perfect blend of the anxieties of new adulthood (both are in the final years of their university education, Aaron at Harvard Law, Jeremy at Moo U) and the carefree nature of youth.

Jeremy is a complex character and, while I loved his joyful spirit, I also found him intensely frustrating as he vacillated between his carefree give no damns attitude and the vastly more true to his real personality as a caring and giving young man dealing with what’s essentially unresolved trauma.

Aaron is, on the face of it, more of an open book, he’s responsible, he’s determined but inside he’s still vulnerable, anxious and suffering from fear of failure and disappointing his family.

Together they’re an opposites attract mess of lustful feelings but also honest and true support and I loved reading them navigating their way through their secret summer romance and falling in love along the way.

The tension drivers in this book all come from outside the relationship in the main. There is some brief angsting over their longevity past the summer but it’s clear to the reader, if not to them, that it won’t be the issue they think it is.

Jeremy’s secret is one that made my heart ache for him, I felt his fears and his stubbornness was perfectly justifiable but I was also very pleased at the direction things went with his family.

Like with book one, each chapter has a title which gives you a clue what might occur during it and I found them both amusing and insightful.

With guest appearances from Briar and Jamie and the gang at V&V, this is a lovely addition to the expanded World of True North series.

#ARC kindly received from the author via Sarina Bowen’s Heart Eyes Press in return for an honest and unbiased review

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