What an irrepressible joy Charles Heppel has been!

61161676Heppel Ever After by Con Riley

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This book is a wonderful rounding out of the story which began back in Charles when Con first introduced us to the amazing Glynn Harber and the people who live and work around there.

Charles was an irrepressible spirit, a man who did the best he could at living with the hurdles his disabilities brought him and with an unfettered joy that spread happiness in his wake.

Unfortunately, as the book opens, Charles’ happiness is becoming a bit tarnished by the horrible experiences he keeps having on the interviews for Hugo’s potential new Parish. Charles is worrying he’s holding His Holy Hotness back and that maybe it might be best if he stays out of the way.

Of course, Hugo’s faith is more than just a nebulous thing and he knows there is no way he’s going anywhere without Charles, or to somewhere which won’t welcome his husband-to-be with as much grace as they’re offering him.

When the new Bishop (our lovely one having now retired) sends Hugo off on another mission and Charles is left behind, it looks like things are taking a downward turn. However, what it turns out to be is the first step on a journey of healing for many people.

We get to see more of the delightful Heligan, there’s surprise guest appearances from some of the series’ most favourite characters and – which make me laugh like a drain – Charles gets a pre-wedding honeymoon on his very own Love Island (Kara-Enys being Cornish for the very same!)

This is a beautifully romantic end to what has been a quite outstanding Learning to Love series from Con and perhaps a little hint at what might be coming up next.

Disclaimer: I alpha read this for Con as she was writing it, then beta read it once it was drafted. All thoughts and opinions however would have been the same had I never laid eyes on it earlier. It’s a truly beautiful book.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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