Charlie and Will’s second chance romance is a definite hit!

51fjcx-BTuLCharlie’s Doctor by Jocelynn Drake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wrote a really long and detailed review which my Kindle app has lost so that’s incredibly annoying.

This full length novel is a cracking opener for Jocelynn Drake’s spin-off from her Exit Strategy series.

There is a freebie novella which links between the two available via a Prolific Works giveaway which it would be helpful to read first but it’s not vital.

This stands alone well enough to give you the background for what the guys are up to when Charlie bumps into his ex love Will.

What I loved best about these two men is that there’s no messing about. They both were left hurt and wounded by their split.

They have some seriously hot angry sex after Charlie’s gang rescues Will from a dangerous situation, but then they also have honest conversations in which they talk about their hurt and Charlie explains why things went down the way they did.

Secrets are revealed about Charlie’s CIA career and Will gets to know that it wasn’t because Charlie didn’t love him that they split up.

The suspense element of the plot is something different and I liked how it interlinked with the trouble Will had landed himself in, even it might have been a bit of a large coincidence šŸ˜

It works well enough that you can run with it and I loved the storytelling anyway that I liked how it tied up a few loose ends.

Be aware though that this book sets up the next, which focuses on cyber security expert Kairo Jones, and so ends on a bit of a dramatic moment!

#ARC kindly received from GRR in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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