What a superb ending to this brilliant college set series

Frat Wars 3Frat Wars: Presidential Chaos by Saxon James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I could not put this book down once I started reading, so much so that I finally went to bed at 3am having finished it in one go.

I’ve loved each one of the Frat Wars series but this one is definitely my favourite because it’s just such a gorgeous romance between two guys who shouldn’t work at all but who just bring support, caring and love into the other’s world most unexpectedly.

What starts off as a way to relieve the tension they’re both constantly under because of the rivalries between their Frat Houses soon turns into something special as both Zeke and Charles come to realise they’re catching feelings.

There’s still humour in this book, as with all the rest, but it’s tempered by the plotline which is focused on someone setting up Sigma Beta Psi with accusations of hazing and other illegal behaviours and making it look like it’s the rival Rho Kappa Tau President Charles who’s responsible for the rumours.

I loved watching these two young men fall in love, Charles has had a crush on Zeke for ages but the Olympic swimming hopeful is a bit slower to wake up to his feelings, when he does though, there’s no holding him back.

What sealed the deal on this one becoming my favourite in a quite outstanding series though was the way both Frat Houses put aside their rivalry to try and find out who’s causing the trouble and then the way the whole Greek Row, Sorority sisters as well, come together in solidarity with the Sigmas.

Although, as a Brit, we have nothing even remotely like Greek Societies over here, I think the friendships and lifelong connections these organisations help to flourish is a universal thing and it’s what’s at the heart of the series.

The Epilogue ten years later is brilliant, we’ve seen glimpses in the Epilogues in the previous two books but this one finally rounds things out with style.

I’ll miss these guys!

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