Blog Tour: A Mage’s Guide to Aussie Terrors by AJ Sherwood

A Mage’s Guide to Aussie Terrors | AJ Sherwood

R’iyah Family Archives #2 


Release Date: June 24th, 2022

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One ghost from the past.

Two unknown Australian monsters eating people.

Three men who won’t let either problem win.

Familiars of choice, healing old wounds, Australian mythology, yes Nico and Wicky are in Australia, that goes about as well as anyone expects, giant amphibians of unusual size, even the MAD research department is stumped, Wicky may have summoned Godzilla, in his defense he was left unsupervised, conversations via air guitar, the next time they have to travel to a different continent Bel is drugging Nico first

About The Author

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AJ Sherwood believes in happily ever afters, magic, dragons, good men, and dark chocolate. She’s often dreams at night of delectable men doing sexy things with each other.

In between writing multiple books (often at the same time) she pets her cats, plays with her dogs, and attempts insane things like aerial yoga.

She currently resides in Michigan with aforementioned cats and dogs.

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