Dex is the sweetest himbo and I just want to hug him

I Puckboy FINAL eBookIrresponsible Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

Oh that was fun and also super sweet with a side hint of sadness actually at how much Tripp had hidden his feelings for Dex.

One story angle is so ridiculous that it’s genius because Dex really is the biggest (and sweetest) himbo to ever be in love with his best friend without ever realising it.

He’s Brendan Fraser ‘George of the Jungle’ levels of oblivious and it’s both cute and cringe-worthy watching him stumbling into awareness.

Tripp has been hiding his feelings for the three years they’ve been best friends and it’s him who’s hesitant to move things into a relationship even when Dex is full on committed to exploring his attraction.

While I liked this one a lot, it just missed out on being a 5* read because it was lacking a bit of tension for me.

Although it is obvious that Dex loves Tripp, I think I just needed a bit more self-awareness from him and I’d have really liked a conversation between the two of them rather than the angle taken in the narrative.

That’s totally a me thing though, not a questioning of the authors’ choices, because how things go down also works perfectly as a catalyst.

However, on the sexual exploring front, this book’s definitely a 5* read. Once Dex commits, he does so wholeheartedly and without any fears or second guessing.

And there’s enough ice hockey-ing (totally a real word honest) to keep me happy there with tension arising for the plot out of that scenario rather than relationship woes.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Dex wake up to his feelings and seeing Tripp get the future he never imagined could be on the cards.

I’m really hoping Oskar’s up next as there’s all kinds of sparks between him and his team’s new PR guy 😁

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