Exceptional disability rep in this sports romance

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As someone who was paralysed from the neck down for six months and has been left with neurological joint, tendon and muscle damage throughout my body, the disability rep in this book is astoundingly good.

Everything Thierry goes through is something I’ve experienced and E.M. nails not only the descriptions of the sensations you feel – or sometimes don’t – but also the emotional effects it can have on someone.

I also felt Pietro’s ADHD was an authentic depiction, I have no personal experience of this myself but have worked as a volunteer with a charity that helps people with this condition.

The romance itself is a sort of halfway point between a second chance and a “former bully” style with a lot of ground to cover before you, as the reader, could feel that it was possible and I think this aspect was also done exceptionally well.

I won’t go into too much of the plot, but I loved the setting, the secondary characters like Thierry’s friends who are also involved in his recovery and Pietro’s teammate and best friend James aka Scooter, are wonderfully brought to life.

The baseball elements were just enough for me to not have my eyes glaze over because of my lack of knowledge about the sport and still keep me invested in everything Pietro and James were dealing with as athletes.

My one “complaint” as such would be to say I wished I’d known there was already a book for Pietro’s brother Gabriel and his partner Ezra as I would have read that first, throughout this narrative I felt like I was missing bits each time they appeared.

So I would suggest people read Nothing Ordinary: A Hit And Run Novel before this one!

Other than that, my first read from this author and I’m very much impressed.

#ARC kindly received from the author via Foreward PR in return for an honest and unbiased review

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