What an opener – Iris is everything I wanted from this new series

59238149._SY475_Iris by Eden Finley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With her new series, Eden skillfully balances the humour her books are known for with the tensions that come along with a mission heavy ex-military action adventure.

Mike Bravo is a team of specialists working outside of any Government control, they’re private contractors who we last saw in her Famous series.

Iris is the smart mouth, the cocky guy with the ego – and the skills – to back up all his big talk.

But he’s rocked when they find a guy from his basic training ten years earlier while on an extraction mission.

Saint is barely alive, his black ops team dead around him, when he’s rescued by a guy he was crushing on back in his closeted days.

The reconnection story line is done so well, both men have always been attracted to the other but Iris thought Saint was straight. The UST is tangible throughout the opening chapters as both men come to terms with their new situation.

The banter between them is laced with sexual bravado and eventually the adrenaline following a recon job boils over into a seriously hot makeout session.

I think what I loved best about this book though is that there is zero relationship drama, no angsting, miscommunication or lack of talking.

All the hard beats come from Saint trying to remember what went wrong on his mission, dealing with probable PTSD and the ongoing case to bring down a terrorist holed up in an (fictional) African country

The pacing is cracking as the narrative builds up to another mission and Saint has some hard choices to make.

I absolutely adored them as a pairing. They’re strong willed individuals, but both have tender spots just waiting to find the right man to show them to.

The sexy times are bunsen burner hot, but filled with intimacy and emotional vulnerability from the off. They have a connection which bounces from the page.

Add in a crew of additional characters who are all awesome too and who throw up potential for their own snarky romances left, right and the very sexy centre of big boss Trav and the Government spook who he has clearly got history with and all I can say is “bring it on!”

From the minute I picked it up, to the second I out it down Iris and Saint put a smile on my face. I can’t wait for more.

#ARC kindly received from the author via ForewordPR in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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