Oh my lordy that was epic!

59281329._SY475_Wake the Dead by Jocelynn Drake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had a vague idea where one of the plot threads might have been heading and I was proved sort of half right/half wrong but OMG the revelation itself was utterly worth it anyway.

This is the third book in Jocelynn’s fantasy saga and each one has brought its own complicated narrative which, all added together, form the series long running story arc which is building up and up in both tension and high stakes.

Here Caelan and his best friends are heading into deadly territory – literally – as they head for the capital of Zastrad through a country which worships a Dead God and has no punishment for murder – providing the dead are honoured after they’ve been killed!

Throughout this book – which I stayed up until 3.30am to read 😁 – the pacing gets tighter, the tension grows higher and the God and Goddess inside Cael’s head become ever more manipulative.

There were still surprises throughout the book as well, even though the names of each instalment in the series give away a bit of what might be happening next, but in spite of that, I still had a ginormous grin on my face at the end of Wake of Dead.

Now it really needs to be February already for the visit to the dragon isle!

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