Cara pulls all the emotional strings in this epic Mafia romance

Unshackled eCoverUnshackled by Cara Dee

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So I’ve not read the This Life I series but that didn’t stop me from falling headfirst into this epic Mafic romance.

OMG seriously, this one pulls every emotion going as Kellan Ford (who I recognised from his appearances in Cara’s Auctioned series), pines for his best friend’s dad Shannon.

Although Shannon’s bisexual and his wife always knew, very few others did, so Kellan’s always had a hopeless attraction for him, or so he thought.

This slow unfolding of the desire between them is brilliantly done throughout the book.

What I loved most about this is how Cara never shies away from Shannon’s difficulties in moving on with the loss of Patrick and Grace. There’s no magic dick here, no suddenly okay being in a relationship with another man.

Both men are also dealing with copious amounts of grief following the multiple deaths the Sons of Munster have suffered during a bloody gangland war, including said best friend Patrick and his mother Grace – Shan’s wife and the woman who helped bring Kellan up after he was thrown out for being gay.

The tensions throughout this book are tight with fear, with guilt and secrets, with foreboding as members of the rival Italian family the Sons thought they’d finished off are seen skulking around Philly.

Honestly, I had no clue where this book was going to go but I was more than happy to come along for the ride – literally including high-speed car chases, dodgy dealings, torture and more murders.

None of these characters is even remotely what could be considered a good man even Shannon, who’s been a psychiatrist helping thousands of people over the years the Sons have been operating, doesn’t have clean hands.

But I was surprised by how little I cared – so long as Kellan and Shannon were able to move beyond their traumas and work out that they were more than just extended family and could be actual family.

This book is scorching hot too. There’s a Daddy/boy vibe with without any of the other kinks that go along with it, Kellan wants to take care of his Daddy but he wants to be able to lean on him too.

Definitely one to savour.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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