A beautiful end to this excellent shifter series

59558722._SY475_Strawberry Moon by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That was a perfect way to round out this quite excellent shifter series from Sam and Waverly.

I’ve been wanting Ford to get his happy ending from book one and it was poetic that it was the grandson of the man whose company had been responsible for causing The Condition and killing off the omega werewolves, including Ford’s wife Lily, who restored his hope and his heart.

Archer was such a sweet soul, wrapped up in a package of determination to right the wrongs his grandfather had caused.

As a made wolf, being bitten to save his life after his grandfather shot him (in the last book), he was a mess of conflicting emotions and my heart hurt for him.

Although it’s billed as an enemies to lovers romance, it only really skirts on the periphery of that imho. Ford is definitely angry with Archer because of his Sterling name and his background, but Archer never feels the same and Ford soon realises that he’s not only mistaken, but he’s doing him a disservice.

I liked how they cautiously began to work together to try and find a way to restore the health of the werewolf packs by researching an artificial pheromone to help with the lack of omega wolves and that they’d established a cautious friendship over time.

When Archer’s first heat hits him when on a pack run with Ford, we get to see the two of them move into a physical relationship which is both steaming hot, but also beautifully caring as Ford guides Archer through the emotional and confusing time.

There is a bit of push and pull, most from Ford, but it’s completely understandable and what I liked best about the way the authors approached this, is that he doesn’t miraculously turn from being a heartbroken and depressed alpha. It takes time for him and Archer to build up trust.

But Strawberry Moon wraps up this series beautifully and – which I very much appreciated – also gives the reader the joyous resolution of Rowan and Cliff’s relationship, which has been complicated and partly melancholy as Rowan is a beta wolf without the calming pheromones of an omega wolf.

This book ends on a beautifully happy note with the Grove pack firmly looking to the future.

#ARC kindly received from the authors in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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