Charles and HHH make me heart happy and theirs is a beautiful romance

Charles coverCharles: Learning to Love by Con Riley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Charles and HHH (His Holy Hotness) make me heart happy. They’re such a study in contrasts and neither of them is expecting the other at the point their lives intersect.

If you’ve read His Haven then you’ve already met Charles (and Hugo at a distance) and should already be utterly in love with him, because he is just the most huggable character Con’s ever written.

He’s risen above some almost insurmountable odds with his particular type of dyslexia/low working memory, and he’s found a career at which he excels, if only his family could see it too.

Hugo’s having a crisis, not of faith, that is unshakeable, but he’s suffered a real physical and mental blow to where he thought his life was taking him.

This book is not religious, even though at one point Hugo thought he was on the way to being a Padre in the British Army.

It’s about faith, both personal and in a wider understanding of how our lives change when we least expect it. It’s powerful and profoundly moving when both Charles and Hugo come to realise that the journey they’re taking might not be where they were originally heading.

When the two meet, it sets them on a path which will make you smile, make you cry (even me!), have you desperately turning the pages because it couldn’t really take such a turn and everything not end up perfectly right?!

On the way you’ll meet another bunch of wonderful characters, be introduced to some of the men who will be appearing in the other two books in this series, and you’ll find that God moves in mysterious ways 😉😁

As ever my disclaimer, I alpha read this book for Con and so you can blame me for any bits you might not like 😎 but I really hope you don’t find any because this book is the very definition of beautiful.

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