Great mix of slow burn and outside tension adds to a wonderful romance

Up north EbookUp North by Allison Temple

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This was a great read, it had just the right amount of tension versus enjoyment and the slow burn element fit perfectly within the narrative.

I really liked the setting too, Alaska is a place which fascinates me and I know I’ll never be able to visit so I love to see it through the eyes of a book character.

Here it’s somewhere our unwilling hero Damien aka David is sent when he has a blow out on the red carpet at Cannes with his ex-boyfriend director (that no-one knows about) and he really doesn’t want to go.

However, he soon falls in love as much with the location as he does for the solid strength and steady nature of the resort’s fishing guide Jack.

There’s massive troubles on the way though, because Jack has no clue that David is also Damien, world famous action hero actor, and for a lot of the book I was just yelling in my head for David to tell him.

Of course, he doesn’t and the proverbial hits the fan and this was another element where I really appreciated Allison’s narrative because Jack doesn’t just roll over and forgive David. He rightly points out he doesn’t really know him at all and heads off to try and re-find his own life’s direction,

David does get his head out of his backside though and makes the changes he knows he should have done years ago, he comes out and starts putting his fame to good use and he plots to find Jack and try and make things right.

I loved the final few chapters as both men realise they they have the potential for something special if they’re willing to put in the work. There’s no magic solutions, just honest emotions and genuine feelings which blossom.

The ending – and Epilogue available via Allison’s website – are lovely and round out the story beautifully. Now I’m looking forward to hopefully getting Vin’s story next!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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