Kurt and Penn’s love story is an exceptionally beautiful romance

57063819._SY475_Pinot & Pineapple Lumps by Jay Hogan

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Every book in this series has not only brought something uniquely Kiwi to the table, they’ve also depicted the myriad of ways people meet and fall in love.

This book is even more special, because it’s Kurt’s story. He’s been an integral part of the series since the start and he’s been through things no-one should have to live with.

So I’ve been invested in his happy ever after for quite some time and, in Penn, he finds not only his perfect partner but someone he can be a strength and a support for.

Kurt’s empathy and his strength and determination to gain control back of his life are never treated lightly.

He doesn’t fall in love and his PTSD suddenly vanish. Jay treats his mental health with the same respect she always treats any medical issue, with understanding and sympathy and a thoroughly believable lived experience.

I can’t properly articulate how much I loved this book. The sense of place is so strong, I could hear the rumble of the glacial river running through Penn’s family vineyard.

The smells of the winery and the tang of the tannin are vividly expressed, and I loved all the characters associated with them.

Yes, even Penn’s dying father. Otis is such a complex man, his pride warring with his stubbornness, his fears and his worries. I wanted to hug him almost as much as I wanted to yell at him for being an arse.

There are so many outstanding moments in the narrative that if I outlined everything I loved, this review would be almost as long as the book.

It really is exceptional and Kurt and Penn’s love is a truly beautiful thing to witness, they fight hard for it and you just know it’s meant to be.

Oh, and they’re off the charts hot and I’ll leave the rest for you all to discover 😉

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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