The tension never slips in this second entry in The Fabulous Fluke series

56853067._SY475_Fluke and the Faithless Father by Sam Burns

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This second entry in Sam Burns’ urban fantasy paranormal romance is just as good as the first and it ramps up the tensions perfectly.

Sage is happily settling into life with his resurrected former ghostly boyfriend Gideon and his delightful foxy familiar Fluke when a new quaesitor comes to ask questions about the death of her colleague David.

As the reader knows, he was shot by Gideon after he tried to kill Sage for being an arcane mage and as he tries to avoid giving anything away, more shocking news comes to rock them to the core – his mother’s murderer has been released on parole.

With this complex and complicated plot, which I’m not going to touch on at all as I don’t wish to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of it unfolding, Sam gives the reader a run through a gamut of emotions!

There’s the awwwww of Sage and Gideon happily settling into domestic bliss, there’s anger at Sage’s utterly horrible father, whose ghost is still haunting the bookstore and being an absolute arse, and there’s trepidation as the dangers draw ever closer.

We also get to meet Sage’s intriguing, and somewhat roguish, cousin Freddy and it soon becomes clear he’s cut from an entirely different cloth than his snobbish and nasty father Roger, not that Gideon is impressed with his flirty nature 😁

As the threats build up from all side, Sage finds himself cut off from everything and at the hands of more of the dangerous Believers Cult, who think arcane magic is heresy and want to see it – and everyone practising it – eradicated.

Help comes from a surprising quarter and I am so desperate now to find out just what happened to make that come about and just what will happen next!

This series is rapidly shaping up to be one of my favourites in its genre and book three can’t come soon enough for me!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and biased review

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