Best one yet in this excellent sports romance series

Goal Lines Saxon and Eden Final Ebook CoverGoal Lines & First Times by Eden Finley & Saxon James

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Best one yet!

I absolutely adored this one. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting and it captivated me from the start with Seth’s struggles and Ritchie’s determination to do the best he could for him.

This one’s more angsty but it’s not misplaced, Seth is coming to terms with the fact he’s not only probably demisexual but that he’s losing the closeness of his friendship with Zach now he’s settled with Foster.

Seth’s also still harbouring resentment towards his twin, who he thinks has everything easy, and he’s floundering a bit when he’s offered some advice by his ex-girlfriend.

Ritchie’s also exploring the fact he’s realised he’s bisexual and that it wasn’t usual or normal to practice kissing with your best mate when you’re teenagers. But he isn’t ready to announce it to the world yet, even though his ice hockey mates continue to take the mickey out of him.

They meet, anonymously, via a chat app for hooking up as both of them try to discover more about themselves and find an instant connection, first through friendship and, as the bonds grow, through exploring sexual activity on the phone together.

The reader gets a peek into the wider world surrounding them as they constantly go through a series of near misses at finding out they’re the ones texting each other until it all comes to a – gloriously sweet and seriously steamy head – not quite literally though while on a visit to see Foster playing professional NFL.

What I loved the most about this book was just the way they both grew into themselves, their respect for the other, their determination to be their best selves and to try and work through their relationship and grow stronger.

Ritchie is going down as one of the best book boyfriends ever, he’s funny, kind, courageous, and can’t understand why Seth likes him because he’s so smart and knows where he’s going with his career.

But Seth is also a total cinnamon roll because he’s been nursing this fear of being broken, or being lesser than his younger twin, and dealing with fears of being overly needy and clingy.

Together they’re just an absolute delight and the Epilogue is beyond words sweet!

Now on to Asher and hopefully an intervention on his path of self-destruction.

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