This goes right to the top of my “I need a shelf beyond favourite” Shelf

56019424._SY475_Merry Measure by Lily Morton

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I need a shelf that has more than just Favourites (I know, I can make custom shelves, I’m being overly dramatic 😉 ) because this one would be right at the top.

It’s like all the best snarking characters in Lily’s world got together and donated parts of their DNA to add into an egg which had been created from all the most loving and caring protective cinnamon buns found in her books and then Arlo was born.

He’s an absolute joy, a snarker of the highest calibre and as clumsy as a baby. Fortunately, he’s had Jack, his older brother Tom’s best friend, on hand throughout most of his life to rescue him from all these mishaps he keeps landing in.

The crush level has been intense, but when the two end up sharing a room on a long weekend trip to Amsterdam, not long after Jack’s broken up with the latest version of his hideously perfect and tedious boyfriends that the sparks really fly.

Because Jack’s got a crush too…

I’m not going to go into more detail for this one. Except to say that Lily might have broken her record for how quickly I almost choked to death while drinking a cup of tea (within the first couple of paragraphs) and also how big the smile was on my face while reading.

It almost hit
Spring Strings by Lily Morton
levels when I saw the dedication in that book, (did I say yet that Lily wrote me a Rare Breeds Farmer and then gave him a supermodel boyfriend?! 😁❤💕🐑🐏 )

This book is a guaranteed pick-me-up if you feel down, it’s a mini travel guide to the delights of Amsterdam (I reckon the Netherlands Tourist Board owes Lily some dosh from how many readers are planning a trip there now because of this book) and it’s about as festive romance as they can get.

It has enough UST to fuel a rocket; it has soulful stares and lusty looks; it’s got a brilliant cast of secondary characters; and the meet/cute for Arlo’s parents might just be the best I’ve ever read in any book – #justsaying #HotGossipWereHot – along with an Epilogue that will have you doing one of those heartfelt sighs that something could be so perfect.

Get it, read it, and give yourselves a Merry Little Christmas.

And that cover?! Natasha Snow outdoing herself yet again.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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