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Against Fate | Damian Bloom

A Prince Castle Novel #1


Release Date: November 25th, 2020

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Against Fate Ebook


Hopeless romantic Luis wants to write a love story, but he’s never even kissed a man. Luckily, his hunky mentor can teach him much more than just how to write a book. Too bad it all comes with a price.

By the age of twenty-three, I’ve read enough romance novels to fill up a library. My own love life is yet to start, but I’m in no rush. True love comes to those who wait, and I won’t settle for less than Happy Ever After. So what’s the point in kissing any frogs?

But when my clairvoyant grandmother sees heartbreak looming in my future, I learn that life is rarely that simple. And when bestselling author Adam Allister offers to help me write my first novel, I’d be a fool to say no, even if every cell in my body warns me to stay away.

After all, as long as I don’t fall for him, I’m safe. And, with a man as cynical and unromantic as Adam, that shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Is he hotter than all the cover models of my favorite novels combined? Yeah.

Do I sometimes forget to breathe if he looks at me a certain way? I guess…

Is one smile from him enough to fill my mind up with pulse-quickening daydreams of unknown pleasures? Um, I’d rather not answer that.

None of this matters, anyway. Now that I know what fate’s got in store for me, I won’t be foolish enough to put myself in harm’s way. Not when my heart is on the line.

Against Fate is the slow-burn, heart-warming story of two men who learn to put their conflicting ideas of love aside in order to discover the real thing together. Peppered with extra-steamy scenes, the book is guaranteed to make you blush and swoon all the way to the Happy Ever After. This is the first book in the Prince Castle series, but it can be read as a stand-alone.

About The Author


Damian Bloom is a young MM novelist with an insatiable passion for love stories, especially those that teeter on the line between steamy and heart-warming.

A hopeless romantic, he lives in a world of fairy tales, where love conquers all. While waiting for his prince, Damian constantly falls in love with the enchanting fictional men he reads and writes about.

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