Lane adds a geeky duo to her rock band series and they’re a delight

55816373._SY475_Starting From Somewhere by Lane Hayes

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Oh, that was just what the doctor ordered – a sweet, low angst, no dramady romance between two people who appear polar opposites but who are much more alike than the surface would indicate.

Bobby J is the guitarist with Dec’s band Jealousy, Cody is an analytics genius heading for NASA but interning at the record label to look at social media algorithms at Charlie’s request.

They meet by accident in the dive bar as Cody’s going through his bucket list of things to do to “experience life” before he heads to his job at the end of summer.

Bobby J is drifting a bit. He loves his band gig, but he’s actually a bit of a nerd with a perfectionist complex and he’s still dealing with the aftermath of dropping out of med school so when he bumps into Cody, the combo of innocence, geekdom and a smart mouth is something he can’t resist.

They fall into a friendship as Bobby helps Cody experience some of his bucket list, and it’s not all sexual, there’s things like go skinny dipping, go to a concert, have a date, but the ones which do involve getting naked are utterly delightful.

It’s just a whole load of fun, with sparks flying, connections being made and Cody wondering how he managed to fall in love while he was only supposed to be experimenting with life.

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