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Bucking Hay |Darragha Foster

Stable Tales #2


Release Date: September 25th, 2020

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Judah “Hay” El-Bara is a nineteen-year-old sacrificial bridegroom to a harvest goddess long worshipped by his traditionalist parents and community. For him to seed the harvest would be a lie. He isn’t attracted to women.

Embracing his sexuality, Hay begins a relationship with a stranger named Buck. But Buck isn’t exactly what he seems. Buck is a mystical vessel of renewal. Hard work may bring salvation, but harder work can change the world.

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The elder-brother was apoplectic.

“Holy Harvest. Judah, it is you. And Beck. Bless the mother and the seed…Judah, what have you done?”

Hay closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He squared his shoulders and made no attempt to cover himself. He palmed Buck’s face and drew him in for a quick kiss. “Call me Hay. And what we do is honor the harvest, brother.”

A clap of thunder rolled across the heavens and a heavy rain began. Hard rain, alive with thunder and bejeweled with lightning.

Buck laughed. “Comes now the hard rain that will wash away the old. Trust me.”

About the Author


Darragha Foster writes of the strange and unusual–because that’s her life.

Darragha enjoys the twisted and unusual. She finds inspiration all around her. Even in the cold case at the grocer. Where she is no longer welcome. But that’s another story…

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