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Press | Nora Phoenix

White House Men #1


Release Date: September 21st, 2020

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Cover Designer: Vicki Brostenianc

Press Cover 375x600


Henley is off-limits for Levar. So why can’t he stay away?

Five years ago, Levar survived a terrorist attack. The bombing left its scars, but he’s picked up his life. He loves working for the vice president—who is openly bisexual—as his press secretary.

Levar can’t afford a pesky attraction that proves to be frustratingly stubborn. Worse, those highly combustible sparks are with the very last person he should be falling for: Henley Platt, a well-known reporter covering the White House.

Henley may not be Levar’s enemy, but he’s definitely not his friend. He can’t be, not when their jobs put them on opposite sides. Henley is absolutely off-limits, even when he shows his appreciation for the sexy lingerie Levar loves to wear.

When the terrorists strike again with a devastating blow to the White House, Levar and Henley lean on each other for support. The sparks become a raging fire that won’t be doused, but what happens if they’re found out?

Press is the first book in the White House Men series, a romantic suspense gay romance series set in the White House. Think The West Wing but gay, and with less politics. Each book has a new love story with a happily ever after, but the suspense plot will continue throughout the books, so the series needs to be read in order. Press has 100k words. TW for terrorism and violence.

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“It never ceases to amaze me how tired you get from emotional effort. Sometimes even more than from physical exertion. I don’t get this exhausted from a thirty-minute spinning class, you know?” Henley said.

Levar took a quick look sideways. “You take spinning classes?”

Henley’s mouth pulled up in a grin. “The truthful answer is that I should have a hell of a lot more spinning classes than I manage, but about once a month, you’ll find me soaked in sweat in the spinning studio.”

“Attractive picture you’re painting there.”

“It’s really good for a tight ass,” Henley said, and Levar chuckled.

“If that was some backhanded way to get me to check out your ass, there’s no need. I’ve already seen it, checked it, and approved it.”

And they fell right back into this flirty banter that had quickly become their habit. What was it about Henley that made Levar forgo all his usual carefulness, his reserve at mixing work and pleasure? Henley got under his skin, somehow, and it amused and terrified Levar in equal measure.

Henley stopped walking, but Levar didn’t notice right away. When he did, he halted too, and Henley caught up with him. When Levar looked at him questioningly, Henley shrugged. “I had to return the favor, didn’t I?”

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About The Author

Would you like the long or the short version of my bio?

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I write steamy gay romance books and I love it. I also love reading books. Books are everything.

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A little more detail? Gotcha.

I started writing my first stories when I was a teen…on a freaking typewriter. I still have these, and they’re adorably romantic. And bad, haha. Fear of failing kept me from following my dream to become a romance author, so you can imagine how proud and ecstatic I am that I finally overcame my fears and self-doubt and did it. I adore my genre because I love writing and reading about flawed, strong men who are just a tad broken..but find their happy ever after anyway.

My favorite books to read are pretty much all MM/gay romances as long as it has a happy end. Kink is a plus… Aside from that, I also read a lot of nonfiction and not just books on writing. Popular psychology is a favorite topic of mine and so are self-help and sociology.

Hobbies? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Just kidding. I love traveling, spending time near the ocean, and hiking. But I love books more.

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