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Turning Tide | Bryce Winters

Changing Tides #3

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Release Date: September 16th, 2020

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**No good can come from one night with a gorgeous stranger.**

Dylan has one rule: Never, ever, sleep with his guests at The Changing Tides. He learned that lesson the hard way. When he finds out the enticing stranger he brought to his bed is actually a guest, Dylan tries to tear himself away. But Dylan yearns for more and is tempted to break his one rule—again and again and again.

Cole didn’t expect to end up in bed with a delicious stranger his first night in town. When that stranger turns out to be the owner of The Changing Tides? That’s a complication. Because Cole has a secret. He’s the mastermind behind the new resort coming to town—the one that could put the town’s favorite inn out of business.

A hunger this strong must be sated, and they’re helpless to resist. As they give in, something deeper—a piece that’s been missing—slots into place. But when a secret is exposed, it has the power to destroy everything they’ve worked for—including the love they’ve discovered.

Changing Tides Series

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Rising Tide

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The rising tide brings storms…

Harris Brewer has seen it all – and cut it open. As a cardiac surgeon, he’s used to challenges, used to surprises. But when he’s slapped with a high-profile malpractice suit the last thing he expects is to get shipped off to a tiny Oregon town to ‘let the lawyers handle it.’ Then he sees a big blond hunk jogging down the street and realizes that maybe a hot vacation fling is just what the doctor ordered…

The rising tide brings change…

Never get involved with a tourist. That’s been Reid Colburn’s policy and it’s served him well. They come, bring their money, and leave. That’s good enough for his restaurant business – and his heart. But this new guy in town, he’s something else. Reid can’t deny enjoying the relentless flirting. Too bad Dr. Stud is just passing through…

The rising tide erodes the past…

Despite being careful to avoid it, Reid finds himself on the brink of falling in love. They both knew this was a temporary thing, so why does it hurt so bad when Harris going back to Los Angeles becomes the inevitable reality? Maybe Reid shouldn’t be fighting against the tide. Maybe he should just ride this stormy affair to wherever it leads…

Time and Tide

Book 2 Cover

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Can a second chance at love heal both their wounds?

Linc is lucky to be alive. At least, that’s what everyone says. But learning to walk again doesn’t feel very lucky. When his new physical therapist turns out to be the same man he left twelve years ago, Linc feels the first stirrings of hope. He never forgot Kent, and he wants the chance to prove it.

Kent knows love doesn’t last. After Linc left without saying goodbye, Kent resolved never to fall in love again. When Linc shows up at his clinic looking more gorgeous than ever, Kent is determined to keep his distance. But his heart has other ideas—it never fell out of love in the first place.

Back in each other’s arms, their love burns hotter than ever before. When secrets threaten to tear them apart, Kent has to decide whether it’s something they can mend… or if he’s better off alone.

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After reading no fewer than one million romance novels and earning her Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing, Bryce finally mustered up the courage to write her own. Filled with love, laughter, and steamy scenes, Bryce’s novels will welcome you deep into their pages.

Happily married with three kitties, Bryce can most often be found reading, crocheting, or trying to master Crow Pose. Or her next batch of cookies. Could go either way.

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