Release Blitz: Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Gabbi Grey

Catch a Tiger by the Tail | Gabbi Grey

A One Scoop or Two Story

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Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Release Date: June 15th, 2020

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Thomas Walsh knows the number one rule in the film industry. Don’t get involved with the talent. But resisting the urge to take the big screen to the bedroom can be hell when the lead actor on the set looks good enough to eat…one slow lick at a time.  

Peter Erickson’s latest role as a gay man hits a little too close to home. He’s still in the closet and secretly grieving the death of his lover. Then an enchanting production assistant catches his eye, and he’s surprised by the instant attraction that stirs more than his wounded soul. 

When the two men are caught on camera in a very intimate pose, both Thomas and Peter are afraid they’ve caught a tiger by the tail.  


Cole sat, but Peter hesitated, and it took me a moment to realize the reason. I plopped down on the cool asphalt. “I’m good here.” Not just because the ground had yet to heat up, but because it maintained the power imbalance. A little thing, to be sure, but important to me. If I sat in a chair, I was on their level.

Peter still didn’t sit. “I’ll grab a chair for you. The ground can’t possibly be comfortable.”

Before I could argue, Cole tugged on Peter’s sleeve, guiding him toward the chair. “Crazy Thomas sits on the ground every chance he gets. Something about being closer to Mother Earth. Either that or he likes his balls shrivelling in the cold.”

Peter’s expression of shock was priceless.

“It’s not sexual harassment if I’ve given him permission to say whatever he wants.” Now was my turn to deadpan. We had an agreement. Funny how I’d become accustomed to Cole. He didn’t joke like this with the vast majority of cast and crew. Come to that, he and Tanya had a jovial relationship. He also goofed off with his co-star Julie and their fight co-ordinator Donovan. Did he tease lightly with others? For sure. The hard-core sexual innuendo, though, was kept to a tight circle, and few were exposed to it. Again, someone might misunderstand. That Cole felt so comfortable in front of Peter spoke to a level of trust.

“You like cold balls?” Peter’s beautiful brow cocked.

“Better than blue.” I could give back as good as I got.

Both men burst out laughing.

About The Author

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Gabbi lives surrounded by trees, racoons, deer, and other woodland creatures, on a mountain in beautiful British Columbia where her fur baby chin poo keeps her safe from nasty bears.

Working for the government by day, she spends her nights writing contemporary, gay, sweet, and dark erotic BDSM romances…and while she firmly believes in happy endings, she also believes in making her characters suffer before finding their true love.

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