An enthralling and beautiful romance from Eli

CoverThe Redemption of River by Eli Easton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Eli Easton’s Sex in Seattle series is among my most favourite in the MM genre.

They combine a lot of my favourite tropes, they’re beautiful romances, but even more than that, they also expand my knowledge.

In this one, River’s experience as a tantric practitioner utterly fascinated me.

Coupled with the interesting twist of his free spirit being something which he’d essentially learned after his mother had told him so, this book just spoke to me.

Brent, on the other hand, slowly opened up the depths of his character to blossom like a flower seeking the sun.

He’d been through a traumatic time with his wife’s illness and had essentially regressed into himself. And I also loved how present his wife was in the narrative, as a real character but not some perfect being whose memory could never be beaten.

I was so pleased when Eli said she was returning to the Seattle series and I wasnt at all disappointed.

The romance flows through client into friendship and into a relationship organically and I loved finding out more of the different religious practices and spiritual experiences of the book.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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