If this book doesn’t capture your heart I’d be surprised

His Horizon
by Con Riley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I alpha read this book for Con, and also proofread it, so blame any stray commas on me not catching them 😁

But, having got that out of the way, I think anyone looking at my book reviews would already know just how much I am in love with the way Con writes. She has a unique way of getting into the heart of what makes someone fall in love.

In this quintessentially British romance, set in the beautiful wilds of the Cornish coast, she gives us two men both driven for quite different purposes.

Jude has been on a mission since his parents’ boat disappeared during a storm. Rob has been doing his best to keep the small pub which belongs to Jude’s family afloat after a similar devastation destroyed the main tourism attraction and at the same time, prove to his father he doesn’t need his leg-up to be a top chef.

Jude is also closeted and dealing with all kinds of grief and rage over the loss of his father, who he believes would never have accepted his sexuality.

The slow burn tensions are delicious in this book, Rob and Jude’s lives become inescapably linked during the battle to keep The Anchor going, compounded by a snotty London food critic who might be the making, or the ruination, of all their efforts.

There’s a glorious cast of secondary characters and the setting is so vivid I could smell the salt air, hear the seagulls and the crashing waves against the harbour breakwater. The idea of family and what makes one is also put under the microscope and friends turn up in unexpected places.

Steamy, sweet, emotional – I actually cried when reading this book and believe me, that’s a rare occurrence – humourous, warming, I fell for Rob big time and it took me longer to warm up to Jude’s prickly hide.

But beneath that exterior is a man who needs to adjust to knowing he’s deserving of love on his own terms and when he does, oh my heart just melted.

Wonderful start to this new series and let me tell you, from the sneaky insider information viewpoint book two is going to be even better 😉😘🚢

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