A thorough examination of the black dog of depression

Rewritten (Unscripted, #2)Rewritten by J.R. Gray

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This book is very well done, it’s an excellent examination into the black dog of mental illness and chronic depression and how it can take someone into places they don’t want to go and there isn’t a single thing they can do about it.

It’s also intense and filled with devotion and promises of love, it’s steamy and hot, with chemistry-laded sex and emotional conversations.

I am probably an outlier with my view here, as most other reviewers have loved it, and I would absolutely recommend it to lovers of angst, because nothing felt gratuitous where Quell’s mental illness was concerned.

On the contrary, Quell’s descent into his depression was all the more heart-breaking to read because you can see him knowing it’s happening but being unable to stop it.

But, for me, I didn’t want to read about Quell and Hale struggling after they’d been left in a pretty happy place at the end of Unscripted. I hadn’t realised, when I said I’d review this one, that it was going to be revisiting their relationship.

While everything is executed with skill, I couldn’t enjoy this book as much as perhaps if I’d been reading about a pairing dealing with the effects of mental illness who I hadn’t already seen struggle through to get what I thought was a strong Happy For Now with hope of a long term future.


I did feel frustrated with their best mates Mel and Ella though, who were on the outside and knew a lot of what was going on but didn’t intervene to make sure both Quell and Hale knew the other person was miserable, which I feel could have had a more satisfactory resolution much earlier. 


#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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