I loved how focused the narrative was for this Kiwi romance

50646588._SY475_Tamarillo Tart by Jay Hogan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This just ticked all my boxes, turned on all my switches, tickled my fancy – you get the drift 😁

It’s book two in Jay’s latest New Zealand set series and it’s a cracker, two radically different men, from backgrounds so far apart you’d never think they’d have common ground, but they just work.

And, while everything happens in just a couple of days, believe me the evidence is all there in the page for that whammy of emotional connection which comes when you meet the person who makes your heart race and other parts tremble 😉

Stef is book one MC Tanner’s best friend, he’s a jeweller, he’s ultra femme, he’s out and proud and sassy and secretly hides the bruised romantic he is at heart.

Cass is all rugged cowboy masculinity, he’s bi but not out at home, he’s also hurting from being dumped by his ex-wife, who found she couldn’t leave the city behind after they escaped their home town for university.

But adversity makes strange bedfellows and the undeniable sexual chemistry between them morphs into something much deeper when an unexpected powerful thunderstorm throws them into an emergency.

I loved how insular this book got with the focus drilling down to just Stef and Cass as they dealt with all the heightened hormones which resulted from the situation.

There’s actually a surprisingly little amount of angst in this one, given that it could have been massively overly dramatic, but it just flowed beautifully from one moment to the next. Not everything is plain sailing though, and I liked how realistic it felt with the conclusions drawn.

Now I can’t wait to get book three and we finally find out about Ethan’s barista and what secrets he’s been hiding!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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