Release Blitz: Nobody’s Groom by DJ Jamison

Nobody’s Groom | DJ Jamison

A Marital Bliss Novella


Release Date: April 9th, 2020

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Can two enemies find love after a rocky start?

TJ hoped the Triple J Ranch would be a fresh start under a new name, with his tarnished family reputation behind him. He didn’t count on the young, spirited Colby provoking him at every turn. But when tempers boil over, TJ discovers that Colby’s disgust with him is more like lust, and that he’d do just about anything to tangle with the confused kitten.

Colby likes everyone, but something about the new, unfriendly cowboy on the crew gets under his skin. He doesn’t understand just how worked up TJ has him until his body reacts, shocking them both. Colby’s never been with a man, but he can’t fight the desire TJ’s rough hands have awakened in him.

It’s just physical, an opportunity to indulge Colby’s secret desires. But the young ranch hand’s innocence softens something inside TJ, and he can’t deny he wants more. He’s nobody’s groom, but could he be Colby’s love — or will his lies come between them?

Nobody’s Groom is a novella in the Marital Bliss series. It can stand alone but is best read after Wrangling A Groom, as it may contain spoilers.

Marital Bliss series


eMarriage2-683x1024 The Marital Bliss series is a contemporary MM romance series that explores marriages tropes.

Books 1 and 2 explore marriage contract and marriage pact themes.

Other themes that might come up in the future include fake engagement, matchmaker, mistaken identity, and anything else DJ can dream up!

You can find the series on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited.


He whipped around, eyes narrowing. Colby stood there, peeking around the corner of the barn.

“You,” he growled.

Colby’s eyes went wide, flicking down to watch TJ shove his dick into his pants and zip up. “Oh, sorr—”

TJ was on him in two steps. He grabbed Colby’s arm, pulling him closer. “Did you enjoy watching me piss?”

“N-no,” Colby stuttered. “I was just…”


Colby’s eyes met his, and electricity arced between them. The tension before the storm had broken at last.

“I didn’t know what you were doing. Just think someone should keep tabs on ya.”

Colby tried to sound tough, but he was just a kitten. TJ barked a nasty laugh that made him inwardly cringe. This guy brought out the worst in him.

“Let’s go,” he growled, yanking Colby toward the barn.

“What?” Colby said, trying to pull away as TJ pulled him around the corner and shoved him toward the open barn door. “No!”

Colby attempted to dart past him, and TJ grasped the back of his neck — just like he would a kitten — and pushed him into the barn, shoving him hard and releasing him. Colby stumbled forward, throwing out his arms for balance, and TJ slammed the barn door shut behind them.

“Time to end this shit. You don’t like me,” TJ said flatly. “That’s fine, but it don’t make me a criminal.”

“I didn’t say it did.”

Looking wary, Colby backed up toward the nearest wall. TJ advanced on him, shaking with fury. He’d done everything he could to put distance between himself and his past. He didn’t want to be seen as a bad element, never again.

“I didn’t come here to let a little boy like you ruin it for me. I work hard. I deserve to be here just as much as you.”

Colby took a step forward. “I’m not—”

TJ shoved him back against the wall, hard. He followed with his body, pinning Colby in place. Lowering his head, he whispered in his ear. “What’s wrong, you jealous?”

Colby went rigid, breath stuttering. “Jealous of what?”

“My body. My muscles. I’ve seen you looking.”

“No!” Colby’s voice was strangled. “Just let me go.”

He pushed forward, but TJ was an unmovable object. Little Colby did not have the force to budge him a step. He did bring them into even closer contact, however, pressing his hard cock against TJ’s upper thigh.

“Holy shit,” TJ whispered. Colby had a hard-on for him.

Colby turned bright red. “That’s not because… It’s just from the friction!”

TJ laughed, reaching down to cup Colby through his pants. He squeezed, possibly harder than was kind, his frustration still pumping adrenaline through his veins. “You little shit,” he said. “You’re hot for me.”

Colby shook his head violently, squeezing his eyes shut. “It’s not like that!”

TJ’s own cock was taking an interest in the proceedings now. Colby was the perfect little twink to tick his boxes. He was slender, almost willowy, but packed with muscle from working the ranch. He had a pretty smile, but a strong jaw dusted with stubble kept him from looking too soft. His chestnut-colored hair was rich and thick, always flopping over his eyes.

And there was that throat, Adam’s apple bobbing nervously as Colby breathed heavily. No matter what he said, his body was betraying him now. He was primed and wanting, and TJ couldn’t resist the opportunity to sample the goods.

He leaned forward and licked a stripe up the side of Colby’s neck.

Colby gasped, eyes flying open. “What are you doing? I…”

His voice gave out when TJ flicked open his button and drew down the zipper with a quiet rasp. “You’re awful worked up,” he said. “Might as well get it out of your system, so you can stop harassing me.”


About The Author

DJ Jamison writes a variety of queer characters, from gay to bisexual to asexual, with a focus on telling love stories. DJ grew up in the Midwest in a working-class family, and those influences can be found in her writing through characters coping with real-life problems: money troubles, workplace drama, family conflicts, and, of course, falling in love.

DJ spent more than a decade in the newspaper industry before chasing her first dream to write fiction. She spent a lifetime reading before that and continues to avidly devour her fellow authors’ books each night. She lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons, one snake, and a sadistic cat named Birdie.

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