A truly gorgeous exploration of learning to trust

Fool For Love Ebook CoverFool for Love by Felice Stevens

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So many bits of this I absolutely loved.

I wasn’t at all down on Presley, even though he’d been the other man who we’d met in Running from My Heart which covered how Arden – Presley’s married lover Jared’s husband – had moved on.

Felice hadn’t written Presley as an unfeeling arse, so I didn’t have any rage against him. Quite the contrary, I wanted to see him find someone who wasn’t just using him and who truly loved him for himself.

Nate was that person but oh boy, he was a gigantic arse at times as well. Superior and judgemental, even if it came from a place I completely understood, I found that I wanted to shake him as much as I wanted to hug him.

But, I loved how they managed to find their way back together, even after they’d both made mistakes and hurt the other. I loved Nate’s family, I loved Pres’s best friend Frisco.

The only thing that personally threw me, even though it fit in with Pres’ job as an antiques dealer, was all the references to really famous names in the pieces he had in his store.

Coming from the same town as the great cabinet maker Thomas Chippendale, I was a bit taken aback to read about one of his tables being in a house sale 😁 only because I’m used to them being museum pieces or in huge stately homes!

That was a minor quibble though and didn’t really take anything away from the overall excellence of the storytelling. Now I’m really interested to see what happens with Monroe, who heads the grief counselling sessions that Presley and Nate met at and his mysterious visitor.

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