Vic’s back and things are all up in the air

Rebound 600Rebound by V.L. Locey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure, when Vicki said she’d be going back to this series, what I thought about it.

After all, last time we left the foul-mouthed obnoxious Pole Victor Kalinski, he was happily getting on with life as a married man and dad to his unexpected son Jack. Did I want to read their HEA being disturbed?

And, I have to be honest and say some of my fears were realised, as this is not an easy ride for Vic, Dan and their families.

But, it’s also a wonderfully written exploration of just how much Vic has changed from his earliest days and how much work he’s willing to put into making his husband happy and in trying to be his best self.

He’s still obnoxious, he wouldn’t be Vic if he wasn’t, and I was howling with laughter at some of his antics. He’s also still a broken child in many ways, and this book was at times also a hard read, with memories of painful times, Vic himself going through the ringer and him and Dan being apart from each other for a bit of it.

For lovers of this pair though, it’s a “must read” because, lets face it, who doesn’t want to catch up with two of the best written ice hockey heroes in the genre? (It’s rhetorical right, you all should 😁)

I love Vic, all of his grumpy, his attitude, his devotion, his failings, his triumphs and I ultimately really enjoyed this book. I’ve not given it 5* only because, for me, I think I was missing a bit more of the uplifting elements and it seemed to end a bit abruptly.

Having said all of the above, I cannot wait for the next book, which will be from Dan’s PoV and sounds like it’s having a time jump into the future and which looks absolutely fascinating.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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