Book Blast: Cracking Ice by N.K. Lysk

Cracking Ice | N.K. Lysk


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An omega in heat.

His straight alpha teammate.

A night they won’t forget.

A connection they cannot deny.

When Cartwright Johnson joins the Hell’s Flames, he expects to play hard to compensate for being an omega daring to pursue a professional hockey career. But he doesn’t count on the instant connection he forms with his alpha linemate… Or on the heat it sparks.

All Keenan Avali wants to do is play hockey. It doesn’t matter that he’s an alpha, he’s got no interest in dominating anywhere but on the ice. And he’s certainly got no interest in men, no matter how sweet they smell or how beautifully they skate.

Nobody can fail to see they play together like they were made for it…

But how close can they get to success without losing something much dearer than a game?

CRACKING ICE is a 240,000 word episodic novel including enemies-to-lovers, role reversals, overpowering instincts, life-changing friendships and a love that cannot be denied.

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