A fitting end to what has been a quite outstanding series from Sam

Copy of wrencoverWren and Oak by Sam Burns

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This book finished off what has been a truly outstanding series of urban fantasy novels which has featured three interlinked trilogies working with an overall narrative.

In this it’s Fletcher’s turn under the spotlight once again and his has perhaps been the hardest journey of all those involved in the fight to protect Rowan Harbor.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure where Sam was going to take this one. There were times when I thought I’d got a handle on the plot, then it would take an unexpected turn.

When it came down to it though, it made perfect sense. Fletcher’s battle has always been with his own sense of worth and his usefulness.

In this final book, we get to see him not quite accepting his strengths, but coming to realise that his own fears and his empathy for everyone else is what makes him powerful.

Also so many times this book had me on the verge of sobbing but the very ending is just glorious.

As it should be, the circle of life continues and new growth springs from the roots of the old.

It’s so difficult to actually describe what this series has been about, but for me, it’s about the feeling of safety and the rightness of home.

I’m very sad to say goodbye to Rowan Harbor, but I’m absolutely convinced Devon, Wade, Jesse and Sean, Fletcher and Conner, and the rest of the town are really hidden away behind Isla’s magic wards having drinks in Cassidy’s bar and putting the world to rights over supper.

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