Devil’s Hour doesn’t disappoint

Devils Hour CoverDevil’s Hour by Aimee Nicole Walker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my lordy don’t read this one in public or listen to the audio with your headphones off because Aimee Nicole kicks it off with explosively hot chemistry-filled sex!

In Devil’s Hour we get inside Royce’s head and I’ve been looking forward to it and wasn’t disappointed at all.

He really is a complex character, filled with internal doubts, guilts and probably some kind of trauma-related anxiety over Marcus’ suicide.

Speaking of, Royce’s former partner and best friend’s death is still playing a part in the narrative, and with this novel, we see more and more how all the various threads are being gently woven together into a tight plot which keeps the tensions rolling throughout.

I did guess the bad guy as soon as he arrived on the scene but, for me anyways, I don’t think it actually was obvious, I think I was just looking hard for the odd little clue and something just tipped me off.

The relationship development is delicious. Having been shot in the last book, Royce is now fully on board with Sawyer and there’s some serious sparks flying throughout, as well as some awwww moments.

Chuck in a mad cult, arson attacks and the mayor’s behaviour being exposed, and you have another wonderful Locke and Key adventure.

Given what happens at the end of this one, I’m really hoping there isn’t a long way for book three!

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