Another fabulous entry in this ice hockey series from Rachel Reid

Tough Guy (Game Changers, #3)Tough Guy by Rachel Reid

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I love how each book has been different in narrative, tone and in the romance it tells and this one could be my favourite of the lot because I just adored Ryan Price and everything about him.

Fabian was also an interesting character, but I took longer to warm up to him because, while he was wonderful mostly in the way he intuitively understood Ryan’s fears and anxieties, he also had a serious chip on his shoulder which I didn’t think really was earned to the degree he exercised it.

That’s a minor quibble though in a book which is otherwise a beautiful slow burn romance, one in which two men who are as different as light and dark can find common ground in their appreciation of what makes the other unique.

Fabian was unashamedly queer, Ryan quietly so, but he also wasn’t closeted and didn’t hide his attraction to Fabian. Ryan’s clinical anxieties were handled with consideration by the author, I never felt like they were overplayed or that they were brushed aside with the properties of magical dick.


It was different to have a main character who wasn’t always able to engage fully in sexual activity because of his inner fears and anxieties and I really want to commend Rachel Reid for taking this approach.

I never once felt that Fabian or Ryan were missing out on anything because of their lack of penetrative sex, although there is one incredibly beautiful and seriously hot scene in which they do.


The emotional connection between them, and Ryan’s joy in just finding his anxieties put aside long enough to enjoy Fabian’s sexual release was a very powerful narrative.

There’s a lovely guest appearance from our favourite mouthy Russian and his all-American secret ice hockey superstar boyfriend and I loved how their book was brought into this one with a subtle nod and hint.

All round another great addition to what’s been, for me, a really brilliant series of sports romances.

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