My Heart was bursting after this fabulous debut novel from JR

LYHBL ebook CoverLet Your Heart Be Light by J.R. Lawrie

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolute perfection.

This book focuses on two couples with three short stories which give the initial meetings of each pair and a bonus second dip into Zach and Richard’s life.

JR’s writing has such charm to it. Both romances are set in London but they’re different in tone.

David and Julian’s is the filling being book ended by Zach and Richard’s extraordinarily impressive storyline and I’d absolutely kill for a full-length novel with them.

Not to take anything away from the doctor and his upstairs neighbour come patient.

Theirs is a sweet, bumbling fall into feelings after Julian has an accident which puts him in David’s loving hands.

But Zach and Richard are special. If you’ve ever seen the British TV show Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, then you’ll see little nods and hints in this book to what goes on behind the scenes of the “corridors of power”.

I loved it so hard. The first story, of how they meet, is wonderfully funny, although I internally cried when Zach described Richard as an older man when his Twitter handle included a 1978 birthdate.

Guess it’s time to face up to my own impending half century 🤣

But The Farringdon Club had me howling with laughter. I want Richard Curtis to get hold of this book because OMG, some of the scenes in this are prime material for a film from him.

Although he’d have to take the sex down a notch to get it shown on Christmas Day 😉

Just brilliance from start to finish, I was sad when I realised I’d reached the end of the book.

Do yourselves a favour and pick up this one when it comes out next week, it’s a joy.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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