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Insatiable | Shannon West & T.S. McKinney

Witches of the Big Easy #0.5

Release Date: September 26, 2019

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A Witches of the Big Easy prequel

Vampire Slayer Valen Beauchamp has an old score to settle with Julian Montague. It all started in the year 1733, when Valen narrowly survives an attack by centuries old vampire Julian Montague and even receives a minor bite when Julian’s teeth scrapes his skin before he manages to get away.

The venom from the bite almost kills him, and he soon discovers that Julian is searching for him everywhere to either finish what he’d started or kill him outright. Neither option is attractive to Valen, so he flees to the New World. As time passes and he doesn’t age, however, he comes to realize that the vampire had perhaps not destroyed him, but instead cursed him with an unwanted gift—immortality.

When he learns that victims of deadly vampire attacks are dying in large numbers in Paris, Julian’s home, Valen decides he’s tired of hiding from monsters and travels back to Paris to use his formidable Slayer skills to end this thing once and for all.

During a tense confrontation in the dark cellar of an opera house, Valen finds himself mesmerized, overpowered and seduced by Julian and finally succumbs to his charms. And even that wouldn’t be so bad if every vampire slayer in Europe weren’t out now to kill them both.

Valen is falling deeper and deeper in love with the vampire while trying to figure out if the vampire who bit him is one of the good guys or not, and if their love will mean his ultimate damnation or his salvation.

Witches of the Big Easy Series

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It was the smell he noticed first. Not at all unpleasant, it reminded him of the old floral sachets his mother used in the dresser drawers, but with a hint of some exotic, Eastern spice, like cardamom thrown into the mix. Citrusy, spicy, and herbal all at the same time. He’d never smelled anything like it, and it made his mouth water, and his stomach clench.

A slight intake of breath made him realize someone was standing just opposite him in the dark.

Valen gasped—he couldn’t hold it back—and raised his stake to strike out blindly. He was immediately slammed back into the wall behind him, the stake knocked from his upraised hand and the wrist forced over his head and held in an iron grip. He tried desperately to pull away and couldn’t, as his body was held in place by another, but this one leaner, stronger and far more muscular. His other hand was brought up to join the first. It was then the vampire leaned in close, inhaled sharply and then whispered in his ear, his lips grazing the outer shell and making him shiver.

“Ah, you smell so sweet, boy. I’d like to taste you.” He put action to his words by nuzzling the side of Valen’s jaw.

“Get away from me,” Valen managed to say, forcing the words through his frozen lips.

“I don’t believe I will. At least not yet.”

“Please,” Valen whispered, begging now, his body trembling violently. He’d always wondered if he’d be brave when he met death, and now it was here in front of him, and he was almost unable to remain standing. If not for the strength of the body holding him against the wall, he might have fallen. He slightly turned his head. And as he did, his breath gusted over the vampire’s face and the creature drew back with a gasp.

“Who are you?”

“I-I’m Valen. I was just trying to protect my home. My family. Please.”

“Valen,” he said, as if trying it out on his tongue. “Valen.” He buried his face in Valen’s hair, which was shoulder length. He hadn’t bothered to tie it back when he sprang from bed so precipitously. The vampire took a piece of it in his fingers and brought it up to his nose to inhale deeply again.

“It’s like silk between my fingers. Beautiful, pale silk, the color of moonlight. Oh, Valen, I want to taste you.”

He pulled him closer and Valen suddenly felt warm hands under his clothing. He had no idea how that had happened so quickly, or even at all. One minute he was fully dressed, and the next, his clothing had been ripped off his body.  He was swept up and crushed against a muscular chest and the creature was murmuring wild words of passion in his ear. Somehow his clothing was in tatters around him and he was naked and shivering. All the while, the vampire was running his hands over Valen’s body, while managing to thrust his tongue into his mouth. Valen was overcome. He swooned for the first time in his life, and then suddenly everything changed.

He came back to himself and his senses were clouded with lust.  A feeling of completeness went over him, like something he’d been searching for his whole life had miraculously appeared. Sugar-coated words were being whispered in his ear, and his captor’s kisses tasted like something necessary to his very survival. This vampire’s lips weren’t cold at all, but warm and full. And his smell—Valen had never smelled anything so exotic and sweet. So absolutely delicious. He pressed his lips against the moist, full ones over his and then ground into them with a passion that surprised him and seemed to come out of nowhere. He had never been attracted to a man before. Never! He even heard himself whimpering. His captor sighed into the kiss and touched his tongue to Valen’s again while his big hands gently, maddeningly massaged the cheeks of his naked ass. Valen was electrified, filled with lust and passion. He’d never felt anything like this before, and he’d never before had this lightheaded, toe-curling compulsion to be ravished by his captor.

Eagerly, he thrust himself closer and caused the vampire to barely scrape his long fangs against the skin of his throat. When he felt the first drops of the burning venom, Valen made a sudden cry and jolted sharply, causing the vampire to sink his fangs into Valen’s skin hard enough to draw a thin tracing of blood. The venom from his fangs burned a trail of fire down Valen’s neck, and he threw back his head and screamed in pain. The vampire reeled back quickly to look down at what he’d done and seemed visibly upset. He started to pull Valen closer, but the door burst open beside him and Valen’s father surged in, brandishing a pitchfork. The vampire turned and caught it in his hand, twisting it away and tossing it to the ceiling to get lost among the rafters. He knocked Valen’s father away from the door and then gave Valen one last, longing look.

“I’ll be back for you,” he hissed and then he kissed the backs of Valen’s fingers and faded away into the mist and the foggy night.

About The Authors

T.S. McKinney 

I’m TS McKinney and love reading and writing gay romance!! My writing is all over the place (mostly because I write according to my mood). Sometimes I’m happy and my stories are cute and sassy. Unfortunately, I suffer from depression and those times comes shining through, as well.

Sometimes I’m nice to my characters and sometimes I’m mean (I apologize for those). I do paranormal (writing with Shannon West), suspense, BDSM (my favorite), and sports-themed books. Yes, that sounds crazy (cause I am) but there will be one thing you can always count on – a happy ending!! Too much sadness in my life to make my men not get their happy endings!

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Shannon West 

Shannon West lives with her husband, two crazy dogs, and two very spoiled cats in the south. She likes to travel and read and write pretty much constantly. Shannon loves writing MM erotic romance and loves to hear from her readers.

She is a 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Rainbow Awards finalist, as well as a BookStrand Top 20 author for the last three years running. Her books have also been published in the French and Italian language, and she recently had one of her books translated into Japanese.

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