Another Sam Burns world I’m completely in love with

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It’s official, there isn’t a story Sam Burns can write that I won’t fall in love with.

I love it when someone can give me a different take on shifters and with Wolf Lost, I got just that.

When Sawyer escapes from his pack, the last thing he’s expecting to find is a potential bond mate and a new place to call home but when he and disabled army veteran Dez meet, that’s just what happens.

There wasn’t a bit I didn’t like about this new world that Sam’s built for her shifters. Wolf society is old fashioned, staid and secret. Wolves aren’t known in the wider world, they can be born or bitten, and there’s never been a pack with three alphas in it that Sawyer is aware of.

Dez and Sawyer are a great pair. They match each other’s temperament perfectly but don’t have that instant bond mates thing which can sometimes be an excuse for a relationship in some shifter worlds. They still take time to get comfortable with each other, they still snap and fight and have doubts, but ultimately they’re there when it matters the most.

I also really liked that Dez isn’t some uber perfect specimen, he has a damaged leg and problems with his right hand, he uses a cane and he can’t always be as physical as he’s used to being as an ex-Green Beret sniper.

Each of these alpha wolves has something which makes them different from the norm and I can’t wait to find out more about Asher and Gavin in their books. The scene with Ash teaching his two bitten best mates about wolf shifter sexual behaviour had me snort laughing.

I picked this book up this morning and read it in one go, I couldn’t put it down because I had to see how the threat to Sawyer from his old pack alpha was going to be addressed (brilliantly, if somewhat unexpected as it turns out!) and how the growing connection with Dez would pan out (also brilliantly as it happens 😁 )

A fair bit of humour, one growly alpha, one fairly chilled alpha and one alpha who obviously has a secret he’s not willing to let out yet, make the Kismet wolf pack a huge success for me.

I also really liked the pack dynamics of another set of shifters which we get introduced to in this book who are local to the new Kismet foursome and I’m hoping we find out more about the Shane wolves too.

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