Another wonderful interpretation of Greek mythology from this pair

Patron of Mercy
by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That was my favourite of three exceptionally good paranormal romances which shone a light onto the lesser known inhabitants of Greek Mythology’s Underworld.

I’ve always been a fan of Thanatos, (the actual God of the Dead, not the Marvel villain 😁 ) and I’ve never been a believer of the bad rap that Hesiod gave him …has a heart of iron, and his spirit within him is pitiless as bronze.

To me, he’s more the ever dutiful representation of the spirit which takes us to our eternal rest, or to the Elysian Fields if you’re a Greek Mythology fan, and not some hideous skeletal embodiment ready to scare us into our graves!

To pair him with the accidentally immortal Glaucus was a move of genius on the parts of Sam and Waverly because he’s a capricious character, one who has no single origin myth but a number of different mixed tales all of which involve him losing his mortal state when he inadvertently ate a magic herb.

Here, he’s a sort of piratical type, wandering the oceans and doing deeds for Gaia, the Earth Titaness, while wishing he’d not been so afraid of dying that he’d rejected his lover Thanatos after a number of years.

The slow rapprochement between the two is handled beautifully, as they’re forced back into each other’s orbit by the fall out of events in the previous two books. This does, however, work as a standalone but you’d be missing out on two cracking good paranormal romances.

With a secondary plot that wouldn’t have been out of place in an Indiana Jones film, the tensions ramp up towards an inevitable confrontation which had unexpected consequences and an ending which had me smiling so much my face hurt!

The Epilogue is wonderful, as this whole series has been, and I was very delighted to discover there will be more from this pairing.

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