A glorious return to the world of the Mad Creek quickened

46155038._SY475_How to Run with the Wolves by Eli Easton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m pretty sure Eli Easton is a quickened and she’s just giving us a peek into her world because there’s no other way that she’d be able to capture the inherent characteristics of individual dog breeds and then convert them into human traits which match perfectly.

Also, I hadn’t realised quite how much I’d missed Mad Creek until she said there was a fifth book coming and, believe me, this was so worth it as not only do we get a wonderful slow burn romance between husky Timo and Saint Bernard Zeus, but we get confirmation of a spin-off series featuring the Alaskan Qimmiq two skinned (and I’m really hoping I know who the first two paired off are going to be!)

Not a thing was out of place for this story, the strange culture shocks for both shifters as they saw how the other lived, the slow awakening of love, the conflicts and confusion each man felt when their worlds were so different and how they could possibly be reconciled.

The threat to Timo’s pack, which was being squeezed by not only Mother Nature but also the nature of human/shifter genetics, which drove the plot was a great tension builder and worked well.

I won’t go into details because the way Eli unfolds this story is so wonderful that it would ruin everything for people to not see everything open up just as beautifully as the landscape of the Innuit ranges north of Anchorage.

It’s gorgeous, I’m so glad we’re back in this world.

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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