An incredibly detailed and complex paranormal romance from Tibby

34506657.jpgTaste the Dark by Tibby Armstrong

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Firstly, can I just say – Random House, you’re idiots. You cancelled a series that not only is brilliantly designed with incredible world building, but you canned a series which genuinely took a new approach to vampire mythology.

So sucks to be you because Tibby Armstrong has generously released the unedited – and I just want to say here that it needs very little work at all to bring it up to publishing level – draft of book two and it is glorious.

As much as I loved book one, and if you’ve read my review of that one you’d know how much I gushed, this is even better.

While book one was a true enemies to lovers romance between men who genuinely hated the other, this one gives the reader an entirely different tale.

Akito is a wounded soul flailing and drowning, literally, when Lyandros enters his life. The former vampire Justice Giver has been dead for decades when he’s drawn to the young man standing on his bridge over Boston’s River Charles.

Theirs is a romance of supportive discipline, Akito has committed great wrongs against Lyandros’ people and he has the weight of guilt pressing him into nothing.

Coupled with a reveal over the fate of the third Dragoumanous brother which I didn’t see coming, this narrative winds around the idea of servitude, atonement and a continual fight for survival as the plotting coven of witches from book one continue their bid to take over Faerie.

Everything about this book just worked. The relationship is complex and continually evolving.

Akito is such a study in contrasts, he’s always felt worthless but has the strongest sense of determination, he’s rash and occasionally unthinking but also dedicated to his friends and desperately trying to find his place.

Lyandros is my kind of guy. He’s dutiful, loyal, truthful and honest, but also capable of losing himself to his past and with a burning desire for doing the right thing, he is blindsided by Akito.

The world Tibby has created here is incredibly detailed, it’s Boston but not as we know it. There are familiar tropes given a new take and I really really hope she concludes this series with Nyx and Isander’s romance.

If you’d like to read this stunning paranormal urban fantasy romance, then grab yourself a copy of the unedited PDF here: If you do, though, please leave a review on Goodreads or mention it on your social media, because it really would be a crying shame for this series to pass into the ether.

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