A gorgeous romance which examines the strength of love

Change of HeartChange of Heart by K.M. Neuhold

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This romance is just gorgeous, there’s no other word for it imho. From the start to the finish I had a really warm feeling of love throughout the narrative even though there were moments tinged with sadness.

I think K.M. has handled what could have been a truly mawkish subject with consummate skill, it’s a difficult tone to get right but overall this romance with a twist had a strength of feeling which was pitched perfectly.

Easton’s love for his dead husband Paul is present throughout, the necessary level of weight for his grieving is there but Paul never overtakes the story and becomes too big an issue for a new relationship to take hold.

And River, the recipient of Paul’s heart, is also enough of a strong character that he never feels like a substitute and the affection which grows between them, while it has possibly dubious beginnings, is allowed to develop and meander through friendship into affection and attraction and then into love organically.

It’s a tough subject to tackle and I think it’s pitched perfectly. Enough weight is given to each aspect of the romance and, while things do perhaps happen a little bit quickly, I think sometimes when you’ve lost a great love, when another one arises, it feels almost like a miracle which has to be grasped and not let go of.

There’s also perhaps hints of a second book which I would absolutely love to read because I think Fox needs his own chance to move on from grieving his best friend and I think Brandon might just be the one to do it, even if he’s not aware of it just yet.

Also, as a final point, the use of colour in this book to reflect the journey Easton takes from grief and back into life is beautifully done. Bravo for that.

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