Slow burn romance but it lacked passion for me

Hitting the MarkHitting the Mark by Aidan Wayne

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is another beautiful exploration of the power of connection and of love from this author.

I’ve read two now by Aidan Wayne and their hallmark seems to be lots of emotional connection but very little steam. It worked in the first book of theirs I read Rule of Thirds where one of the MCs was suffering from serious PTSD and their two companions were sentient AI.

Unfortunately, for this book, while I completely got the love and respect between Marcus and Taemin, the passion was lacking as there was nothing on page to show it. Now, that doesn’t mean I wanted full of graphic sex scenes, but pretty much all their loving interactions were fade to black, off page or just passing references to the fact they’d had some sort of sexual encounter.

It was a shame because, other than that, this book is really lovely, a slow burn, sort of friends to lovers with a small ten-year age-gap romance between a famous actor and the martial arts teacher who brought him out of his shy shell as a child.

There’s a great bunch of secondary characters, the angsting and tension is wholly in keeping with the narrative and there’s a lovely promise of a lifetime of HEA. Just would have preferred a wee bit more steam personally.

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