Four tissues strong – this is an emotional triumph

45362841Wilde Love by Lucy Lennox

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Four tissues Lucy, that’s how many I needed reading this book. Not because it’s super sad – although at times it is heart-breaking – but because of all the emotions.

I’ve been waiting for Doc and Grandpa’s story for so long, it’s one of those times when you get antsy when you first start to read because there’s so much riding on it from my own expectations and they can run away and be utterly unrealistic, which has to be a nightmare if you’re an author so sorry in advance for that Lucy!

But I should have known that two characters who have been so lovingly crafted in the Forever Wilde series would themselves have a love story which met every single expectation.

From their first meeting in the painful days of the Vietnam War, through to the dawn of the LGBTQ+ rights movement, through to the renewal of their wedding vows, every step I took on this journey was love personified.

There is no putting aside Doc’s wife Betsy, she’s as important to his story as the Major becomes and I loved that there was love and understanding between her and Weston.
There is also no sugarcoating of the difficulties of being gay or bisexual in the later years of the 20th century.

I loved all the extended family, I loved how they welcomed Weston into their lives, how he found a home and a place after so many years alone.

I also raged at times, never over the situation they found themselves in, I loved Betsy too much for that, but with eyes that see how much has changed for the better – and how much still needs to change – for it to not matter how and who someone loves.

And I cried. It’s rare for a book to make me tear up, never mind get actual tears. This one did it four times and most of those came in the final chapters when I tried to read their wedding vow renewal ceremony without weeping like a baby and failed miserably.

Words are powerful movers of emotion and all the words in this book moved me in one way or another and that’s a true gift from an author to a reader.

Oh, and as a PS, the epilogue of this book might just be simultaneously the most hilarious thing ever, the biggest name drop ever and the biggest display of love ever seen in a single book!

#ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review

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