I fell big time for Justin and Gray in this delightful romance

Starting from Zero Cover
Starting From Zero
by Lane Hayes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This might just be my favourite Lane Hayes romance yet.

It’s absolutely perfect, from the age gap between Justin and Gray, to the way they fall in love, to the drama which surrounds them and to the beautiful love story which anchors them.

For most of the book, the only voices we hear are Justin and Gray, the world continues around them and there’re brief intermissions with other people, but the intensity and the focus stays with two men who meet almost by accident with a healthy dose of fate driving their journey along.

I adored Justin, Rory’s older brother from Lane’s Out in the Offense but Gray is pretty much my ideal kind of a man 😉 They’re hot as a volcano together, but they also spend time communicating and connecting, they’re friends, a partnership even if neither of them is quite willing to admit where the feelings are going.

There’s outside interference and I wanted to kick Gray’s best friend Seb in the arse even as I understood his behaviour but I loved Seb’s son Charlie, young, irrepressible and every inch a product of the social media age, he had me laughing a lot.

It’s a relatively low drama book, not very angsty and most of the tensions come from Justin’s own self-awareness of how his ADHD affects his decision-making processes and Gray’s fears that the differences between them may be too much of an obstacle.

I loved the way the narrative evolved, it felt like I’d only been reading a short while and yet I was almost at the end, the book just flows naturally through their friendship and into love. It was a big hit for me, just like the love song they write ❤

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