Fabulous festive contemporary romance from Ruby Moone

Trusting Jack jpgTrusting Jack by Ruby Moone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

LOVED! Absolutely loved this book, couldn’t put it down once I started reading it and now I’m gutted because it’s finished.

This book is a perfect festive treat, but it’s more than that, it’s also Ruby’s first full-length story and it’s the start of a new Manchester-based series about a British security and private investigations company filled with wonderful characters and a brilliant sense of place.

I’ve always loved Ruby’s historicals but this, her first foray into contemporary, is a real gem. It’s set over the festive period but it’s more than just a Christmas romance, this is about two lost souls finding each other at the right time.

Michael is Jack’s boss and he’s been attracted to the younger man since he first gave him the job but he’s an employee so off limits. But Michael’s office manager’s concerns about the younger man brings him right into his orbit and then Jack’s vulnerability and Michael’s fears about his safety put them in close proximity.

Everything about this narrative worked for me. Jack’s vulnerable but not powerless, he’s desperately strong and dealing with a life that’s been just a little bit crappy apart from one small shining light and now he’s having problems because of that light getting tarnished.

I loved the way the tensions were all story driven, nothing in this felt like it was there for the plot point only. Jack’s life led him to the place he was in but he wasn’t a victim and he was doing his best to get himself out. Michael’s intervention felt honest, the actions true to his character.

Their falling in love happens over a short time but is, in actuality, a slow steady fall, not feeling like instalove at all. I won’t go more into the plot because I think this is a story that, like a well-wrapped Christmas present, just deserves to be peeled away layer by layer.

Now, let’s talk Christian and Daniel shall we Ruby?!

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